Aleria Restaurant is located in the city centre on 57, Megalou Alexandrou Street, in the neighbourhood of Metaxourgeio in Athens. The restaurant sits in an old, beautifully decorated mansion. With its spectacular flooring combination of ceramic tiles and cross pattern wood parquet, the wallpapers, the paintings on the walls, the statutes, the elegant tables, this place is part classical part modern. As you walk in, you’ll see a spacious bar on your left; down the hall, a beautiful paved courtyard. An impressive wooden staircase leads you to the restaurant on the first floor.

Nikiforos Kechadiadakis is a patient man, a trait that sets him apart from all those seeking to make a quick impression, sparing effort and hard work, responsible and conscious choices. Even though he launched himself early in the restaurant industry, at the early age of 23 – he had just completed his studies in Business Management and Film Making in the United Kingdom and the United States respectively – Nikiforos has successfully managed to run the restaurant and overcome many obstacles. He was lucky enough though since he had been given such good foundations; this magnificent neoclassical building was handed-over to him by his parents, Giannis and Sofia, in 2007 after long and time-consuming renovation works with the interior decoration undertaken by his mother. Yet, this generous gift was no guarantee for the future; being skilful enough, Nikiforos made it!

“I wanted this place to be cosy almost giving the impression of being at home with friends” says Nikiforos, a modest young guy who talks passionately about his work.

Nikiforos is not alone in his journey. It’s been four years now, he has Gikas Xenakis, one of the most talented chefs in Greece, on his side.

Gikas studied at the Le Monde Cooking School in Athens and thanks to his beloved teacher, the great unforgettable Greek chef Alexandros Giotis, he got to know Greek cuisine in depth. Having also served at the famous nouvelle cuisine restaurants of Spondi and Boscetto in Athens, Gikas developed a deeper understanding of modern gastronomic trends.

Nowadays, Gikas is considered as one of the pioneers of Greek creative cuisine. In 2015, Aleria Restaurant won a Toque d’Or (The “Toques d’Or” are yearly gastronomic awards attributed to the best restaurants in Greece) and this is not out of pure coincidence at all.

The degustation menu of the restaurant is impressive, the least I can say. See for yourselves:

Amberjack tartare marinated in bergamot dolmas filling and cream from sea urchin eggs.

Red pumpkin mousse caramelized chestnuts, cured pork and fresh black truffle.

Roasted lamb warm chickpea mousse, grilled fennel and olive powder.

“Pastitsio” thick pasta, braised oxtail, shiitake and foamy béchamel.

For dessert, Macedonian halva mousse praline from tahini and spearmint, lemon sorbet and caramelised peanuts of Aegina.

The restaurant has an exquisite wine list. Wines have been carefully selected to accompany and highlight this feast of flavours. If you choose to visit Aleria, rest assured; modern Greek creative cuisine is in good hands.






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