Antonis Arvanitis Winery

Among the new wineries and the new vintners of Santorini who bring honour to Greece abroad with their wines, there is a veteran. Antonis Arvanitis is a warm human being and he greets you that way at his cellar in Megalochori not far from Pyrgos.

At “Antonis Arvanitis Winery” one can drink the old nychteri, the wine that was harvested over-ripe and fermented in old French or Russian barrels. This was the wine people used to drink thirty years ago on the island and in its tavernas, before assyrtiko took on its present divine form and became the most sought after Greek wine.

You won’t find ultramodern stainless steel vats at Antonis’s family winery. Instead you’ll be faced with old wooden barrels, the names of their contents written in chalk: nychteri, rosé, brusco, metzo, and vinsanto.

Those who feel nostalgia for the old flavours and the ‘old’ people will be well rewarded by a visit to Antonis Arvanitis Winery.

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