Comeco – Corfu Meat Company

The Corfu Meat Company S.A., abbreviated COMECO S.A., was founded in Corfu by the Lavranos family.

The company began operating in the meat and cured meat sector in 2001, using state of the art equipment and today is the largest on Corfu and one of the strongest in Greece. All of COMECO’s products are subject to stringent quality control as the company is certified with the food safety system ISO 22000:2005. Its range includes, among others, local products of the island, such as:

Corfiot Noumboulo Fumicado, smoked pork fillet, made according to a secret Lavranos family recipe, which is marinated in Corfiot spices and herbs, encased in intestine and smoked with local aromatics such as sage, pennyroyal, laurel, etc. It is served very thinly sliced and is ideal for salads and pasta dishes and complements a platter with other cold cuts.

Beef Noumboulo is very similar to the traditional Noumboulo Fumicado but it is made with beef.

Corfiot Salado is a local traditional salami made with pork, beef and lots of salt and pepper. Hung and smoked with aromatic herbs, it makes a delicious accompaniment to Greek and Corfiot drinks like tsipouro and ouzo as well as red wine.

Corfiot smoked pancetta is made of pork belly slowly smoked over aromatic wood from the island and marinated with local aromatic herbs. It is most often cooked till it acquires a nice crust and then served on its own or in pasta dishes. Sometimes it is roasted in the oven with vegetables or even sliced raw in salads.

Finally, smoked pork is made of chunks of pork (chops, leg and belly) marinated with aromatic herbs and smoked with beech wood.

COMECO and especially its CEO, Christos Lavranos, is very active in social issues and is a pillar of the Corfu Producers Network.

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