Corfu Beer

Corfiot Microbrewery

The Corfiot Microbrewery was founded in 2006 by Spyros Kaloudis at Arillas in the northwest of Corfu, 35 kilometers from Corfu Town. In 2009 its first beers appeared on the market; by the following year, production had reached 100,000 liters, and in 2015, six years later, that figure has increased six-fold, making the company one of the most dynamic microbreweries in Greece.

The beers of Corfu Beer all belong to the category of Real Ale – a live product naturally brewed – whose fermentation and maturation take place in special vats over a period of several weeks with no stabilizers, artificial coloring or other chemical additives. They appeal to all tastes and must be kept refrigerated for their ‘shelf life’ is short.

Red ale special: Red, foamy, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer from caramelized malt and yeasts with a fruity aroma.

Dark ale bitter: Dark in color, unfiltered and unpasteurized, where roasted barley grains, combined harmoniously with hops and yeast, offer a pleasant bitterness.

Amorosa weiss: The process of double fermentation releases an aroma of bananas.

Countess Ira: Double fermented beer, unfiltered with a strong aroma and full body, pleasant aftertaste.

Royal Ionian Pilsner: Fresh aromatic blond beer with a smooth pleasant aftertaste.

Ionian Epos (Epic): The ‘barley wine’ of Homer’s Phaeacians, 2800 years later, with the addition of pure flower blossom honey.

Ionian Gold: Fresh, barrel-fermented lager.

Ginger Beer: A refreshing Corfiot tradition since the English introduced it in 1842.

Spyros Kaloudis comes from a family with a long tradition in the wholesale business. Up to the turn of this century his grandfather and father worked exclusively as wholesalers for foods and beverages, representing large food corporations. His mind, however, was always focussed on coming up with a Corfiot product that would meet the needs of his beloved island. Being a stubborn, passionate man, he not only realized his personal goal as a businessman but also, as leader of the group “Corfu Produces”, he created a alliance that embraces all the local certified producers on Corfu.

At the company headquarters at Arilla, the brewery is open to the public and every Saturday organized groups visit it. Spyros and his family welcome them with their proverbial hospitality, offering lessons in tasting Corfiot beer and in matching beers with the island’s treats and delicacies.

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