Estate Argyros Winery

The Estate Argyros Winery was established by Georgios Argyros in 1903. At that time his ambition was to expand his vineyard to 2 hectares and that is why he created the winery. In 1950 the winery passed to his son Mattheos, who extended it to 6 hectares. In 1974 it was taken over by Yannis Argyros who expanded the area of the vineyard to 26 hectares, modernized the winery (“Estate Argyros”) and worked hard to insure quality.

The Argyros Vinsanto of 1987 was rated the best Vinsanto created on Santorini, while in 2005 and 2006 the winery was placed in the top 100 wineries in the world, according to the respected magazine Wine and Spirits.

The Argyros vineyard at Episkopi Gonia, at an altitude of 35 to 150 metres, faces east. In recent years it has been expanded to 40 hectares and is the largest contiguous vineyard on the island. In 2016 the firm will inaugurate its new winery which will ensure a production of 500,000 bottles, making it the second largest producer on Santorini.

Estate Argyros ’s most well-known wines are Assyrtiko Argyros, Estate Argyros, Estate Argyros Barrel, Argyros Mavrotragano, Argyros Vinsanto, and Argyros Chocolate Vinsanto. Most of the Estate’s output is exported.

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