Gaia Winery

The Gaia Winery on Santorini (the firm has another one in Nemea) is on the eastern side of the island, right next to the sea, near the airport and between the villages of Kamari and Monolithos. It is housed in an exquisite stone building constructed in the early 20th century, which used to be one of the 13 tomato processing plants on the island.

The abandoned cannery was purchased and renovated by Gaia Winery in 1999, giving it a second lease on life, this time as a winery. This impressive structure, an example of an early factory of Greece, has found a new use and through it has retained its industrial form and function.

The winery is equipped with the latest vinification systems which permit perfect conditions for the production of high quality wines from the Assyrtiko variety.

Gaia Winery labels

The best known labels of the Gaia Winery are Thalassitis, Thalassitis Barrel (wines which took their names from the sea breeze that caresses the building and the winery workers and which is present in every sip), Gaia Assyrtiko and Gaia Vinsanto.

The winery is open to visitors throughout the tourist season and it is a pleasant and memorable experience to be guided through a wine-tasting session by the young oenologists, next to the sea.

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