Grammenos Family Winery

The Grammenos Family Winery is located at Aerostato on the top of the mountain above Sinarades, with a stunning view over the beach of Ai Gordi in Corfu. The family has been occupied with growing grapes and making wine since the mid 20th century. Their experience, knowledge, love and dedication led to the creation of a modern plant aimed at producing high quality wines. The ever-increasing potential of the enterprise has been confirmed by the success of their wines in the local market.

Today the new Grammenos winery collects grapes from the family-owned vineyard on the west slopes of Sinarades and the area of Skafonas, where the local POD (Protected Origin of Destignation) white Kakotrygi variety is cultivated along with the local red Petrokorythos. In addition, it has an exclusive collaboration with the growers (under the company’s supervision and guidance) and also makes white wines from Sauvignon Blanc, Roditis, Malagouzia and reds from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot which are cultivated on the mountain slopes above Aigio on the Peloponnese.

The village of Sinarades is one of the oldest in Corfu and remains surprisingly untouched by tourism, despite its proximity to the popular hill village of Pelekas. Visit it by all means if you have the chance. Because of its exceptional beauty and extraordinary view, the Grammenos family are thinking taking advantage of the situation and opening a restaurant next to the Grammenos Family Winery. We are sure that it would broaden the gastronomic experience of visitors to the island.

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