Makaronopiimata Pasta Corfu

In 2009, Corfu Town acquired its first fresh pasta shop. It has a curious name, “Makaronopiimata Pasta Corfu“, which translated means Macaroni Creations.

At the shop, 17 Polychroniou Street, you’ll find a full range of fresh pasta from spaghetti to tagliatelle, papardelle, tagliolini, ravioli, elbow macaroni, lasagna, canneloni and more, in many different shapes and flavours. All the products are prepared in the traditional way, with particular attention and care, using only the finest ingredients – durum wheat flour, eggs, salt, milk, carrots, spinach, tomatoes – with no preservatives or additives. The plant where their dry pasta is produced lies to the north of the island at Agios Athanasios, but all the fresh pasta is made at the shop in town.

The story of this pasta plant begins some time ago in the late 1960s, when Giorgos Papadatos, aged 15, fell in love with Louisa from Milan when she was visiting the island as a tourist with her parents. This young love affair lasted six years, reinforced by trips back and forth between Italy and Greece, until 1973 when the couple married. They settled in Thessaloniki where Giorgos worked as a bookbinder and did not move to Corfu until 1983 to keep his father company after his mother died. There the couple opened a taverna, followed by a catering business, and it wasn’t until the turn of the century that they branched out into making pasta. Zia Lucia, ie Aunt Louisa, continues cooking with pasta, while Mr Giorgos expresses himself by colouring the pasta using natural foods rather than powders.

Before embarking on their new business, they attended seminars on the subject in Italy, while their two daughters were developing the fresh pasta section.

“ Pasta Corfu is dried at a temperature of 35 ο over a four-day period, in contrast to industrially produced pasta which is baked at 120 ο, which destroys many of its nutritional qualities. We are pleased that our pasta is in demand not only by individual but also by the island’s hotels and restaurants ”, said Mr Giorgos as he went off to play with his colours.

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