Mavromatis Kumquat

Mavromatis is a family run enterprise. Its first plant opened in 1965 in Corfu town and it specialised in the promotion of the kumquat in sweets and liqueurs. In 1984 it moved to the Palaiokastritsa road, and in 2008 it transferred to new quarters in an ultramodern factory.

Production, which absorbs 80% of the island’s kumquat crop, runs to an annual million bottles of liqueur and 50 tons of sweets. The company has since expanded to include ouzo, brandy and 20 different fruit liqueurs. Its red kumquat, at 22-25 % alcohol (44-50 proof), is a liqueur with a unique taste and aroma that comes from the peel of the fruit. It may be served straight, with ice cubes, or mixed with juices or spirits (vodka, brandy, whisky, etc).

It also adds a distinctive flavour to fruit salads, ice creams and sweets of all kinds. Visitors are welcome at the new factory and after a guided tour of the premises, they may view the whole range of products displayed in the impressive exhibition area. There at the large tasting counter, they are invited to sample them and purchase them at cost price. The exhibition area also boasts a video projector where one can watch all the stages of the production process from the picking of the golden fruit to its transformation into liqueurs and sweets. It’s no accident that the company’s parking area is always chockablock with pullmans and private cars as this popular venue ranks high on the list of Corfu ‘musts’.

The new generation of the Mavromatis family, Aris – involved in production from an early age – and his sister, are the guardians of this exemplary Corfiot enterprise’s continuity and steady progress.

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