Nissos beer

Cyclades Microbrewery


Nissos beer didn’t just happen by chance. It wasn’t at all an accident that Alexandros Kouris, a well-known consultant in the field of food, beverages and tourism, and Maya Tsoclis, a travel journalist famous for her TV shows on Greece, decided to start a brewery on her native island. It became their dream, something to offset the depressing atmosphere of the Greek ‘crisis’, ‘give people hope’ and reclaim the market from international brands.

At a time when fresh beers from small breweries are gaining in popularity everywhere, Tinos has leapt to the forefront, making an exceptional name for itself. In its first three years of production, Nissos beer not only conquered the island and neighbouring Cyclades, it also caught on all over Greece. It even reached as far as Australia! And at the European Beer Star of 2014, the competition of competitions in the heart of Bavaria, Nissos Pilsner won the silver medal in the category of Bohemian Style Pilsner, chosen from 1,613 beers from 42 countries! When it had only been on the scene for 15 months.

Construction of the small brewery began in 2012 at Vagia, in a traditional island building, once a taverna, which was converted to accommodate all the equipment needed for the whole process of brewing, bottling and storing 550,000 litres of beer, plus a tasting hall. For after receiving a guided tour, where visitors can learn more about the art of production of Nissos beer, they can taste the beers accompanied by local specialities.

Strategic marketing and exceptional advertising campaigns have succeeded in winning this quality beer fans throughout Greece.

As one reviewer wrote, ‘Nissos Pilsner with its deep golden colour has the characteristic aroma of fresh bread, a just mown lawn, with hints of caramel and spices’.

Tinos, the Cyclades, the Aegean have acquired the beer(s) they deserve. The company also makes four other types.


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