To Krinaki

If someone wishes to get away from the hustle and bustle of Santorini, and dine in a quiet, charming taverna, all you have to do is go to picturesque Phoinikia where “To Krinaki” is located. Even in August.

Named after the lilies (krinos) that grow in abundance on the beach of Baxedon, Krinaki (Little Lily) was first established in a kanava in 1832 and was transformed into a traditional taverna in 2007 by Christos Markozanes and Antonis Patelis. They renovated it beautifully, preserving all the architectural details of the old structure, such as the high domed ceilings and wood burning oven.

Situated in a prime location in the centre of the village, “To Krinaki” has a view over Agia Matrona and the valley of Phoinikia, with Baxedes and the Aegean in the distance. As Phoinikia was the part of the island where Oia’s farmers lived, the people who took care of the fields and vineyards and the cultivation of the vegetables like fava, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and the like, the taverna’s owners decided to stick to tradition and based their cooking on these local products.

Here you can sample authentic dishes, such as kritharokouloura (barley rusks) with tomatoes and capers. One of their most popular dishes is “Hirovoskoi”, wild greens, while among the most delicious are the white aubergines with fresh cheese and tomato, a plate of local capers, caper leaves and sun-dried tomatoes, Santorini tomatokeftedes, and the aromatic meat balls with mint. At the same time, they make good use of their charcoal grill, offering roast lamb on the spit and skewered meat mixtures like kokoretsi, exohiko and kontosouvli plus local sausages. In winter and spring fresh asparagus and mushrooms may be added to the menu and there is also a fine selection of Greek cheeses and Santorini wines.

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