Taverna Lefteris

Proudly standing mansions, elegant shops and traditional little tavernas are lined along the main marble-paved street of Apeiranthos village in Naxos. The traditional taverna Lefteris is on your left, only a few meters before reaching the traditional kafeneio Apeiranthos on the main square.

At first glance, there is nothing here to warn you, apart from the floor-recessed sign directing you downstairs, that you are about to enter the world of a unique gastronomic experience. At the beginning, what you see is a stylish room with antique display cabinets housing jams, sweets, old cutlery, i.e. a room that more or less looks like a mansion’s elegant living room. A couple of small tables placed close to the large glass pane are inviting you to have a cup of coffee. The view is irresistible but the glass pane reveals the secret that there is a wooden staircase leading downstairs to the paradise of Lefteris.

There we are! Underneath a walnut tree, protected from the winds, a tiny little balcony dotted with square-shaped peculiar Thonet tables and chairs, a scenery that emanates a sense of spaciousness, a sense of protection but also a sense of freedom. The menu list is small with a couple of salads and a few more appetizers. Nevertheless, it is in this taverna that you will savour the best local meat, grilled by a unique grill master, Giannis Kapapatis, the son of Lefteris.

The specialty of the house is “Lefteris’s Greek style burger” (Lefteris’s bifteki), an awesome burger stuffed with Graviera Naxou, tomato and pepper served with perfectly cooked until golden to red fried potatoes grown in Apeiranthos. Meat fanatics can dive into the Τ-Βοne steak (which could weigh up to 1 kg), the porterhouse steak or even a whole lamb shoulder. Giannis, an exceptional young man having both feet on the ground, with a lift in his voice common to the people coming from Apeiranthos, is responsible for buying and processing the meat. Lefteris wants to offer a new gastronomic experience focused on meat.

The word about the taverna “O Lefteris” spread rapidly from mouth to mouth. Without being discouraged by the long journey it takes to arrive to Apeiranthos (more than half an hour from Chora), locals and tourists, quite a few of them, visit the tavern in order to get to taste its ultimate meat dishes and experience the ultimate grilling.


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Taverna Lefteris


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