To Psaraki

Perched up high, with a view of the little harbour of Vlihada on the south side of Santorini, To Psaraki has established itself in the short time since it opened (in 2010) in the minds of islanders, but has also turned the place into a gastro destination. Until then Vlihada was only known for its impressive beach.

Even its owner Thanassis Sfougaris, a renowned cook on Santorini (ten years at “1800”) as well as in Athens, when he spread his wings with Angeliki Synetou to create his own place, couldn’t believe that “To Psaraki” would be such a success.

With a name meaning “Little Fish”, it’s obvious that fresh fish would top the menu at Psaraki. Their suppliers number just three and they are specialized. Christos, who has a paragadi (multi-hooked fishing line) 10 kilometres long, goes after the tuna and swordfish; Tzanis targets the deep-water fish with his nets; while Avertos has a grigri (boat with a lamp) which attracts the surface fish (except on nights of where there’s a full moon). In August you’ll find schools of small tuna that appear round the island before they set off for the Atlantic.
Depending on the fish and the season “To Psaraki” mainly serves fish but also serves the local staples like fava, the tomatoes, the capers and white aubergines.

The taverna is spacious with minimalist aesthetics. Of course the oblong balcony with itspale blue pergola and the Aegean spread out beneath is the best place to sit as you whet your appetite with special mezedes like carpaccio or seviche of fresh fish, sea urchin salad, marinated anchovies as well as white tarama and baked white aubergines with tomato and feta.

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