Tereza ’s Café / Wine / Grocery Shop at Myrsini

We go to Tereza ’s label-defying shop at Myrsini on Tinos because it’s what we call an amazing experience, where you’re likely to meet the ‘spirits’ of the place. Tereza Harikiopoulou has been running her establishment for 30 years.

“I started work at the age of 14, hard work, in a taverna in Hora, and I was so small they had to stand me on a beer crate so I could wash the dishes. My daily wage was 5 drachmas and half of that went to pay the rent. Two years later, I was promoted to assistant cook. You should have seen the sweat rain off me when I fried calamari in some enormous frying pans. With my first salary I bought a pair of shoes and then I went to pay my parents’ grocery bill in their village”…

As she tells her tale, you’re struck by her dynamic presence and her warmth.

“At 28, I made the shop here at the edge of Myrsini and I’ve been working here for 30 years. I brought up my children here. I don’t know what advertising means, but one customer brings another”.

The shop inside is a feast of colour and different products, while in the courtyard, which is the end of a small alley, carpeted ledges form seats for 6-8 tables under two lilac bushes and an acacia tree and between two archways. Her menu is a school notebook with the day’s dishes written by hand.

And the recipes are everything you could wish for, including, as we say in Greek, ‘bird’s milk’: starters, like artichoke pickle, little cheese pies, local cheeses, louza (cured pork fillet), garlic sausage, olives, cucumber, all made by Tereza, followed by a rich omelette (froutalia), meat and celery stew, pork and kid cooked with lemon, veal and tomato stew, baked aubergines, wild fennel pies, etc etc.

At Tereza ’s you’ll enjoy the genuine treats of Tinos, made even tastier by Tereza ’s own hospitality, her smile and her open heart.

  • Τερέζα - Τήνος


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    Myrsini, Tinos
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    Traditional Cafés
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Tereza ’s Café / Wine / Grocery Shop at Myrsini
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