Many small hotels and guesthouses – family-run in their majority – have been the showcase for Greek gastronomy, presented as one of their most solid comparative advantages in terms of the services offered.

The breakfast buffet fare and the meals offered are a feast of delicacies, prepared following local recipes and cooked utilizing only local produce; the aim is to introduce visitors to the gastronomic treasure of each region.

As a guest, you could be invited to attend cooking lessons, cheese, cold cuts or wine tasting sessions, join walking tours in the lush Greek landscape to get to know the region’s edible plants or go mushroom and herbs hunting and get to cook afterwards what you have collected! Jam making courses are also offered.

Ranging among one of the most prominent ambassadors of local gastronomy, these hotels have shaped true devotees of Gastronomic Tourism.

Select from the menu the region that interests you the most in terms of gastronomy or browse our accommodation proposals in Greece.

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