Oct 20 2017

Greek wine

The vine and wine are blessed gifts bestowed by Nature on mankind, who in turn transformed them into joy, hope, revolution, spirit and God. Continue reading

Jul 04 2017


There are many products that contribute to the economy and identity of a place, but none have been so closely associated with the culture of the Greek people as ouzo.

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Jul 04 2017


Tsipouro is a genuine Greek product inextricably connected with the way of life, hospitality and entertainment of the Greeks. Continue reading

Jun 13 2017


Feta, Greece’s ‘white gold’, is one of the country’s most important exports and perhaps the food most associated with Greece in the world. Continue reading

Apr 12 2017

Olive oil

Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, which is a modern nutritional recommendation originally inspired by the dietary patterns of the areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

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Apr 07 2017

Greek honey

Greek honey: Greek Gastronomy Guide gathered everything you need to know in this tasty tribute!

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