Gioras Bakery

Gioras Bakery

Gioras Bakery in the vicinity of Lakka dates back to the 18th century. It is the oldest working bread oven on Mykonos and it’s named after one Gioras (which means Giorgos in the local dialect). It has belonged to the Vamvakourides family for more than two centuries.

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Gioras bakery, situated in the narrow lane of Ignatiou Basioula, looks exactly like all the other typical Mykonos houses, and nothing visual will betray its presence. However, as you approach, the titillating aromas of bread that has just emerged from the wood-burning oven will guide you to a nondescript door where a surprise awaits.

The interior of Gioras bakery is an impressive tall stone building with thick walls and wooden beams in the ceiling, but because it’s underground doesn’t betray its presence on the street. As you pass through the two first rooms, which were given a rudimentary remodelling by Gioras the younger only in 2015, you will enter the heart of the bakery where the kneading area and oven itself are located.

The oven is still fired by scrub and wood. Every day this oven produces true peasant bread and rusks, as well as the biscuits and holiday breads of Easter and Christmas.

Kyrios Nikos, a kind and long-suffering man, never lost his sense of humour with the housewives and little old ladies who used to wait patiently for their coveted loaf. I still remember laughing at the teasing of one old woman.

“Take your hands off, old Giora, they’re so covered with flour, you leave traces everywhere. You want us to get into trouble!”

Gioras the younger has made a few changes to the place, without touching the attractive ceiling beams.

“Yes, the building is beautiful and so is the whole process, the lighting of the oven, the kneading, the baking of the bread. But selling only bread and rusks isn’t enough to make a living. Now that we also make various pies and have created the little cafe, the foreigners who visit often and by the dozens can relax and enjoy the spectacle and we get a little extra income.”



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Gioras Bakery
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