Papavasileiou Street

Papavasileiou Street

Papavasileiou Street in Chora, the town of Naxos, houses traditional shops, quite closely arranged, selling local produce but mostly the cheeses of Naxos, the cheese-eater’s paradise!

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Here you will find Koufopoulos’s cheese shop (Tyrokomiki Naxou) and the cheese shop of Maraki (Ms), selling their own dairy and cheese products, as well as the cheese shops of Tzimblakis and Veronis, where traditional cheeses from small producers are sold.

Scattered among these shops that target both locals and tourists, the street also houses shops catering for the needs of locals wishing to buy fish or meat for lunch or dinner. Amidst the shops, traditional ouzadika and kafeneia (traditional coffee houses) and a couple of jewellery shops, which popped up quite recently, are situated.

The port and Papavasileiou Street are two locations that it is practically impossible not to visit when in Naxos. These two places are full of interesting things to see and the only road leading to/from the uplands. Even though the street of the port is aligned with shops of folk art, restaurants, cafes, kafeneia where you can sit and have something to eat (the supermarket of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos and the retail outlet of Vallindras distillery being the only exception), Papavasileiou Street is certainly the market street of the island.

The street was named after a prominent citizen of Naxos, who was once Prime Minister of Greece.

Papavasileiou Street, a road vertical to the port, is very busy. The hand-made baskets and the small brooms hanging outside the shops, the ceramics are a great attraction for people visiting the island. Most often, visitors step into the stores to try local cheeses and olives, browse the fishermen’s catch while they stand amazed in the objects that are for sale, such as the hang bread/meat safe cabinets, cheese draining baskets, since they could be part of the collection of folk museums.

By browsing on Papavasileiou Street you are sure to get a clear picture of all the goods produced on the island.

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Papavasileiou Street


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