Pomo D’oro Restaurant

Pomo D’oro Restaurant

Aristotelis Mengoulas, the Pomo D’oro Restaurant ’s owner, is a young chef who in a very short time has achieved distinction for his original and innovative culinary talent. He and his partner, Maria Stratakou, have managed to set up an exceptionally attractive space in Corfu town’s secluded, picturesque Skaramanga square, where Aristotelis’s novel approach to Mediterranean cooking has made it very popular.

Modest and unassuming, he easily explained his tastes and opinions but his background was a bit more complicated to define:


“I call myself a Mediterranean, since I’m half French, half Greek and I’ve lived more than ten years in Italy. While I was studying in Bologna, just by chance I happened to go into a kitchen and after that I was hooked. When I was living in Italy, I used to spend my vacations in Corfu where I’d meet relatives and friends and I soon realised that this was where I belonged. Corfu, more than any other place I know, combines so many features of Italy, France and Greece.

My Greek grandmother lived in Maniatika, my other in France. The one taught me the tastes of cucina povera, while the other educated me in the ceremony and wealth of French cuisine. I’ll never forget my Greek yiayia who, when she was very ill in the hospital, asked to go home for two days. When they gave her leave, she made a pie and offered it to her doctor to show her gratitude and affection.”

This was the heritage Aristotelis was fortunate enough to possess and that would fuel the role of cooking in his life. While in Bologna his passion for the kitchen led him to become chef and moreover, self-taught.

Semeli Estate
Semeli Estate

Some of the most interesting dishes you’ll find at Pomo D’oro Restaurant are:

  • Kataifi (shredded wheat pastry) filled with cockerel pastitsada.
  • Whole wheat tart with crème brulee made of metsovo smoked cheese and walnuts.
  • Ravioli made with squid ink, filled with lobster and served with tomato broth and fresh string beans.
  • Whole wheat ravioli stuffed with chicken liver pate, mushrooms, dried apricots, and browned hazel nuts
  • Tuna carpaccio with blackeyed peas, spring onion, celery, corn and saffron sauce.

Ούζο Πλωμαρίου
Ούζο Πλωμάρι


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