Evripidou Street and Varvakeios Municipal Market in Athens, Mondiano and Kapani Markets in Thessaloniki, the Municipal Market of Chania in Crete are some of the most representative examples of Central Markets in Greece. Have you ever experienced their magic?

Housed in their majority in beautiful steel edifices dating back to the 19th or early 20th century, Central Markets no longer occupy a starring role in the citizen’s daily lives; supermarkets and shops, offering truly competitive prices, are everywhere. Nevertheless, it is in the central markets that you’ll still get the lowest prices and the most fresh and exquisite produce. But most of all, the ambiance inside the Central Markets is simply unrivalled.

Aromas of freshly ground coffee and spices drifting through the air; shouts of competing vendors as they trumpet the wonders of their products putting our hearing to the test; the smell of mezedes cooking over charcoal; people coming and going; a prevailing lack of order; the impression that all prices are negotiable in a temple of bargaining. Central Markets exude an air of an Anatolian bazaar. In these sublime places – the theatre of our normal daily lives – people and goods have the leading role.

Most Central Markets are the ideal place to discover small traditional cafés, well-hidden gems waiting to be found. Offering savoury mezedes (Greek appetizers) or nibbles, they cater to the needs of those working in the Market in day and night shifts.

In most cities or villages, Central Markets or commercial streets (such as Aplotaria Street on the island of Chios or Papavasileiou Street on the island of Naxos) are located in the city’s historical center; visiting them is a good opportunity to get to know the local produce of each region.

Self-improvised sheds are scattered through the Greece’s road network selling produce from the near-by vegetable gardens. Be prepared! This surprise could be waiting for you on the next few kilometres!

Select from the menu the region that interests you the most in terms of gastronomy or browse the list of the Central Markets in Greece.

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