We think of the Greek producers as the “creators of the countryside”. Whether individuals, founders of a small family business or even larger enterprises, they are providing the answers to the challenges of modern times. On their own, with very little support from state institutions, facing a vicious bureaucracy and the indifference of the authorities, they are struggling under the most adverse conditions. And yet they are managing to win the battle for domestic markets, and frequently foreign recognition as well. At the same time it’s they who are rejuvenating Mother Earth with their activities and developing the rural economy.

Young people, most of them well educated, juggling the roles of producers, manufacturers and merchants, are shaping a new business model. With their devotion to their homeland, respect for the environment, flair and passion for their work, insistence on quality and faith in the value of their products, they are building a new image of contemporary Greek entrepreneurship in the hinterland.

By projecting a new and different picture of Greece, they are attracting attention at home and abroad. This section covers a short history of each of these people, their products, their recipes for success and their prospects.

Discover Greece’s producers.

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