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Travelling to Greece is about getting immersed in the country’s history, past and traditions. Greek cultural heritage is rooted deeply within the rich architecture and gastronomic customs of its people: staple town features blending harmoniously with the simplicity and perspective in the buildings, the art of living and inviting.

We regard Yades Greek Historic Hotels collection as a canvas of Greek culture and beauty. A rare concoction of history, experiences, colours, scents and senses on each destination.

Each hotel is a landmark on its own still remaining simple and sophisticated.

Each one is unique and everyone is a member of the prestigious Historic Hotels of Europe organisation.

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We’re all bound by history, heritage and distinction.

Perhaps the most important part of the travel experience is the food: the process of gathering ingredients from the land, the embedded skills and traditions of preparing everyday and festive meals, the art of inviting and entertaining guests around the table.

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We take your travels from what you expect to standout personal service attending to every detail of your stay starting with our


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