Organic Islands

Organic Islands, founded in Naxos in 2010, is a firm that cultivates, processes, packages and sells organic aromatic plants and herbs. Nikos Hatziandreou, founder of the firm, did not decide to leave Athens and seek a better future in the Greek countryside just because of the economic crisis in Greece.

Nikos, holder of a BA in International Policy and Administration and a MA in Diplomatic Studies with a successful carrier in two multinational consulting firms as a high-ranking executive, came to realize at some point that by working 70 hours a week, he was hardly seeing his family and that his life was passing him by. Without giving it a second thought, he decided to take his wife and two kids away from Athens and move to Naxos, the island where his parents come from. In Naxos, he spent two years occupying posts associated with his profession. However, the family fields gave Nikos the right incentive.

After having conducted all necessary theoretical research and on-site visits to cultivations and several packaging plants throughout Greece and abroad, Nikos founded Organic Islands, the first firm in the Cyclades that cultivates certified organic aromatic and medical plants and herbs.

The climate of Naxos and the composition of its soil have proven to be ideal for such cultivations. Long dry periods, full sun and traditional cultivation techniques form a unique combination for growing herbs and plants of the highest quality, rich in essential oils, and this is what imparts a distinctive taste and aroma to the products.

In 2010 the company started out cultivating plants over a surface of 12,000 m2 and since then, production has been increasing by leaps and bounds. Organic Islands was certified by DIO (DIO stands for Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products) for its products in 2015, is certified to ISO 2200:2015 for its food safety management system, while it is also certified by DIO for the essential oils produced. The packages of Organic Islands are a big hit and have skyrocketed the firm’s sales, 50% of which coming from western world export sales.

Organic Islands’ products come in kraft packaging or in elegant coloured metal cube-shaped boxes (a beautiful packaging and a smash hit abroad).

Here are the firm’s most famous products:

  • Fantasia cube – sage, rosemary, orange zest
  • Ambrosia cube – hyssop, hypericum, orange zest
  • Εuphoria cube – thyme, lemonbalm, lemon zest
  • Νostalgia cube – lavender thyme
  • Philoxenia – sage, orange zest
  • Utopia cube – pennyroyal, marigold petals, tangerine zest.
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