Union of Santorini Cooperatives

Headquartered in a unique spot on the edge of the caldera, the Union of Santorini Cooperatives has much to boast about.

First of all, it is the largest winery of Santorini. Its vats have a capacity of 3,000 tonnes of wine and its facilities are the best in Greece.

It is the only Greek cooperative to manage successfully two PDO products (cherry tomatoes, fava) and one PDO Superior.

And finally, it has shared in the best possible way its social and economic role among its two thousand members, it lays out cultivation strategies for the vineyards of the island, it encourages the cultivation of the local tomato and fava varieties, successfully integrating them into the European catalogue of PDO products and, best of all, is actually profitable commercially, a rarity among Greek cooperatives.

Today, the Union of Santorini Cooperatives manages the last tomato packaging factory on the island, producing the famous SANTO tomato paste. The factory’s output of notably successful products in Greece and abroad includes canned, unpeeled cherry tomatoes, tomato pastes of varying concentration, sun-dried tomatoes and various delis, starting with the tomato, olive oil, caper and thyme dip, and of course, the famous fava which it promotes in various certified packages.

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives takes special pride in its recently completed shop which includes a large and beautiful terrace overlooking the caldera. Hundreds of visitors flock to it to sample local products and wines and to marvel at the island’s wild beauty.

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