Boutaris Winery

The arrival of a company with the size, expertise and activities of Yannis Boutaris (then still with the parent company) was crucial for the development of Santorini’s wines. Besides the range of investments completed in 1989 and the new wine-making methods he introduced, which shook the habits of the traditional vintners and sparked the awakening in the vineyards of Santorini so that the island’s wines could reach the heights they have, Boutaris Winery ’s crucial contribution was in the area of marketing.

The presentation hall in the Boutaris Winery facilities in Megalohori, with its white dome and pebbled floors, has become the symbol of the modern approach to the promotion and marketing of the local wines.

Undoubtedly, the current reputation enjoyed by Santorini’s wines owe a great deal to Boutaris. He is the person who identified another important viticultural zone with great potential and strong prospects for producing high quality wines, transmitted his experience and innovative thinking to the local wine-making community, and thereby played a key role in creating the modern framework that began taking advantage of the promise of Santorini’s indigenous varieties.

An additional contribution of his was that the oenologists who ‘graduated’ from the Boutaris Winery created important wines of their own and are now leading in the field of Santorini’s wines (Paraskevopoulos, Hatzidakis).

Boutaris Winery ’s most popular wines are: Callisti, the Callisti Reserve, the classic Assyrtiko, Nychteri and Vinsanto.

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