Νerantzosalata (Orange Salad)

Νerantzosalata (Orange Salad)

In Italian, ‘naranza’ means orange – as opposed to the Greek ‘nerantzi’, which means bitter or Seville orange. Thus when the Corfiots speak of ‘nerantzosalata’, as a result of many centuries of Italian rule, they mean orange salad.

A dish which seems to have been widespread in Corfu, the recipe appears in Ninetta Laskari’s marvelous book, Corfu, A Glance through Time, 1204-1864, in the Corfiot dialect:

“Kόφτουμε φτενάδες στρογγυλές τα νεράντζια-παστρεμένα-μέσα στο γαδίνι για να μην πελληθεί το ζωμί. Ρίχνομε λάδι-πες και βάλε κάνια μεσόκουπα- κοκκινοπίπερο πολύο και τότσο αλάτι”.

In other words, sliced oranges with oil, coarse salt and red pepper.

A very simple, cool and aromatic salad, sweet and hot at the same time. Just dip your bread in the oil and . . . ecco il paradiso!

Unfortunately, owing to its simplicity, you’ll rarely come across it in Corfu, with the exception of Ognistra in Palaia Peritheia where I tasted it for the first time.


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Νerantzosalata (Orange Salad)
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